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美国vps主机商 ChicagoVPS 成立于2010年,主打 OpenVZ 和 KVM 架构,数据中心支持芝加哥、纽约Buffalo、洛杉矶、达拉斯、新泽西和亚特兰大等,在leb发布了3款方案,其中一款为近期出现的超低价方案,比较有性价比,详细的配置和购买链接如下:

  • 核心:1核CPU
  • 内存:256MB
  • 硬盘:15GB
  • 流量:100GB
  • 端口:1Gbps
  • 架构:OpenVZ
  • 价格:$1.50/month
  • 核心:4核CPU
  • 内存:4GB
  • 硬盘:75GB
  • 流量:2TB
  • 端口:1Gbps
  • 架构:OpenVZ
  • 价格:$6.38/month
  • 核心:4核CPU
  • 内存:1GB
  • 硬盘:35GB
  • 流量:1TB
  • 端口:1Gbps
  • 架构:KVM
  • 价格:$5.00/month

Payment methods accepted are PayPal, credit cards, and Bitcoins. When you select ‘New York’ during checkout you’re putting your server in Buffalo and when you select ‘New Jersey’ it should land somewhere near Piscataway. So, if you want an East Coast location with low latency to Europe, you’re probably better off picking ‘New Jersey’. Refunds are only handed out on a case-by-case basis.



Chicago, IL, USA – ColoCrossing
Test IP:
Test file: http://chi.network.nwnx.net/100mb.test

Buffalo, NY, USA – ColoCrossing
Test IP:
Test file: http://buf.network.nwnx.net/100mb.test

Los Angeles, CA, USA – ColoCrossing
Test IP:
Test file: http://la.network.nwnx.net/100mb.test

Dallas, TX, USA – ColoCrossing
Test IP:
Test file: http://dfw.network.nwnx.net/100mb.test

New Jersey, NJ, USA – ColoCrossing
Test IPv4:
Test file: http://nj.network.nwnx.net/100mb.test

Atlanta, GA, USA – ColoCrossing
Test IPv4:
Test file: http://atl.network.nwnx.net/100mb.test

OpenVZ · 芝加哥 · chicagovps.net

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