UptimeVPS - 3欧元 OpenVZ 1024M 80G 800G
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UptimeVPS是欧洲VPS服务商,数据中心在斯克兰顿(Burst东岸)法国(OVH)德国(Hetzner)在WHT发布最新优惠购买 UT512方案仅 €3/mo ~USD$4(购买链接)配置如下:

  • 1024MB memory/1024MB vswap
  • 80GB storage
  • 800GB/month data transfer
  • OpenVZ/SolusVM

法国 test ip : 100mb - 德国 test ip :

  1. greyboy greyboy

    前几天买了德国 才1刀多一点

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  3. winnercn winnercn

    UptimeVPS would like to thank you for your business through them and therefore offer you the VPS UT-128 with 128MB RAM, Burstable to 256MB with 10GB Hard Drive space and 100GB bandwidth for as little as €5.00 for the whole year!
    Hurry and get your UT-128 VPS, offer ends Monday 17th October 2011,
    Use coupon code “UT128” at checkout to get your €5.00 UT-128 VPS for the year!