BassHost - 7美元 OpenVZ 512M 50G 500G 丹佛
2011年10月20日 OpenVZ , 丹佛 ,


  • 512MB memory
  • 50GB storage
  • 500GB/month data transfer
  • OpenVZ/SolusVM

Servers with Comfluent in Denver CO test IP:

Payment is PayPal only. IPv6 available on request. Servers with Comfluent in Denver CO (test IP: They were known as Host Zune and Rush Host before, and Shubham and Todd, two of the founders there, decided to merge the operation to form BassHost (see Sam’s little intro here).

No burstable memory from what I can see. They are also doing 4-drive RAID10 on their boxes, which are mostly single/dual quad-core Xeons.

PayPal付款而已。IPv6可向我们咨询。服务器在丹佛与Comfluent公司(测试IP:。他们被称作主持人拉什,主人祖讷以前,Shubham和托德,两位创始人,决定合并手术的形式BassHost(看到山姆的小介绍这里)。没有burstable记忆从我所能看到的。他们也做4-drive RAID10在盒子里,大多是单/双四核Xeons。

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