#优惠# PieLayer - $14/年 vz 1核 256M 10G 250G 100Mbps 圣地亚哥
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美国vps主机商 PieLayer 成立于2010年,采用openvz和kvm架构,数据中心在圣地亚哥、纽约、达拉斯、法兰克福等,在leb发布了一些优惠方案,我只精选了2个sandiego方案,因为这个数据中心比较适合国人使用。

  • 核心:1核CPU
  • 内存:256MB
  • 硬盘:10GB
  • 流量:250GB
  • 端口:100Mbps
  • 架控:OpenVZ+SolusVM
  • 有码:256LEB
  • 价格:$14/year
  • 核心:2核CPU
  • 内存:2GB
  • 硬盘:45GB
  • 流量:750GB
  • 端口:100Mbps
  • 架控:OpenVZ+SolusVM
  • 有码:june2gbleb
  • 价格:$7/month

ieLayer is a subsidiary of Zaoomba LTD and uses modern hardware with an Intel Xeon E5 CPU, 128GB of RAM, and SSDs in RAID 10 for both speed and redundancy. They have services available in various locations, including Germany and the UK. Everything in San Diego is pure SSD (even though HDD is noted here).



San Diego, CA, USA Test IPv4:
Buffalo, NY, USA Test IPv4:
Dallas, TX, USA Test IPv4:
Frankfurt, Germany Test IPv4:
Hampshire, UK Test IPv4:

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