#优品# RamNode - $15/年 vz 1核 128M 80G 500G 1Gbps 西雅图等4DC

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忘记回家的路了怎么办?    百度搜索   “vpsmm”   “vps妹妹”   “小夜”  “小夜妹妹”  

美国vps主机商 ramnode 可以说是低价VPS中的精品之一了,无论是在业内的leb/let评价,以及国人口碑中,都有相当优秀的存在。采用openvz和kvm架构,数据中心包括西雅图亚特兰大纽约荷兰,分别推出了几款优惠方案,供您选择:

RamNode accepts payments via PayPal and Stripe. Nothing illegal in the US or anything that is disruptive is allowed. Adult content, Tor (relays only; no exit nodes), IRC and VPN are all allowed. TUN/TAP and PPP are available. They also offer DDOS Protected IPv4 for their Seattle and Atlanta locations only at additional cost.



Telehouse Chelsea, New York City, New York
Looking glass: http://lg.nyc.ramnode.com/
55 Marietta, Atlanta, Georgia
Looking glass: http://lg.atl.ramnode.com/
The Westin, Seattle, Washington
Looking glass: http://lg.sea.ramnode.com/
Dataplace, Alblasserdam, The Netherlands
Looking glass: http://lg.nl.ramnode.com/

小夜QQ:2919909342 小夜QQ群:602757584(VPS交流) 小夜QQ群:53360732(老年闲聊)

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