#固态硬盘# Kazila - $5/mo Xen 2核 512M 10G 500G 1Gbps 达拉斯
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美国vps主机商 kazila 是一家09年成立的老牌主机商了,采用最常见的 xen 架构,搭配 solusvm 控制面板;数据中心在达拉斯,给 1Gbps 级别的端口使用,另外还包括纯固态硬盘的 puressd 加上 raid1 阵列;发布了二款性价比一般的优惠,幅度不是很大适合追求高质优配的童鞋。

  • 核心:2核CPU
  • 内存:512MB
  • 硬盘:10GB ssd
  • 流量:500GB
  • 端口:1Gbps
  • 架控:Xen+SolusVM
  • 价格:$5/month
  • 核心:4核CPU
  • 内存:1024MB
  • 硬盘:20GB ssd
  • 流量:1000GB
  • 端口:1Gbps
  • 架控:Xen+SolusVM
  • 价格:$7/month

Server hardware is 100% owned by Kazila and bandwidth is purchased from Incero. Our provisioning system is fully automated, however each order must be approved manually by our billing department. Our staff does heavy screening on each order. Please do not utilize a free email address or V7N when purchasing and use a valid phone number or your order will be delayed and may not be approved. This process can sometimes take up to a few hours but most orders will be processed within 15-30 minutes.



Server Location: Dallas, TX
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