#阿三# IntegralHost - $4/mo VZ 4核 1G 30G 250G 1Gbps 堪萨斯
OpenVZ , 堪萨斯 , integralhost.net

美国vps主机商 IntegralHost 是一家印度IDC主机商,采用 OpenVZ 为基础架构,数据中心是堪萨斯城DataShack,提供1Gbps共享的带宽出口,相对较小的流量;十分没有性价比,发出来就是供大家参考一下阿三的信息,详细的配置、优惠码及购买链接如下:

  • 核心:4核CPU
  • 内存:1GB & 1.5GB Burst
  • 硬盘:30GB
  • 流量:250GB
  • 端口:1Gbps
  • 架构:OpenVZ
  • 价格:$4/mo
  • 有码:lowent4
  • 核心:4核CPU
  • 内存:2GB & 2.5GB Burst
  • 硬盘:60GB
  • 流量:500GB
  • 端口:1Gbps
  • 架构:OpenVZ
  • 价格:
  • 有码:lowent7

IntegralHost is an INDIAN hosting company. We are providing VPS, Dedicated and Shared hosting services, our main goal is to provide best service with affordable price. Our servers are located on a US data center. We have a strong group of technical support agents to ensure excellent service for our customers.



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