#季付# CoinsHost - $9/qu Xen 1核 512M 20G 1T 10Gbps 瑞士
2015-05-16 Xen , Switzerland , coinshost.com

欧洲vps主机商 CoinsHost 是Incloudibly旗下新站点,ICB母站是主打抗DDOS服务的,所以机房拥有较高的带宽;采用 Xen 为基础的OnAPP架构,在硬件搭配方面有较高的自主性,每个VPS给予的流量和带宽,也是非常充足;数据中心比较不好,位于欧洲的瑞士,所有VPS均需要季付,详细配置及价格如下:

  • 核心:1核CPU
  • 内存:512MB
  • 硬盘:20GB
  • 流量:1TB
  • 端口:10Gbps
  • 架构:XenPV/OnApp
  • 价格:$9.24/quarter
  • 核心:1核CPU
  • 内存:1024MB
  • 硬盘:30GB
  • 流量:2TB
  • 端口:10Gbps
  • 架构:XenPV/OnApp
  • 价格:$15.42/quarter

These VPS come with a 10Gbps uplink, which is quite exceptional for a VPS in Europe with this price. Host nodes have dual Intel E5645 CPUs, 192GB of RAM, SAN-based storage, and 4x 10Gbps uplink. In addition to BitCoins, you can pay with Litecoins, Nextcoins, PayPal, ank Wire, Credit Card, Webmoney and Perfect Money. There’s over 200 templates available and servers include VNC capabilities, a firewall, snapshots, and more. Please note that you do need a phone number in order to pass account verification!



Zurich, Switzerland
No test IPs available at this time.

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