#折扣# ZappieHost - $2/mo VZ 1核 512M 30G 100G 100Mbps 加拿大
OpenVZ , 英国 , 加拿大 , zappiehost.com

加拿大vps主机商 ZappieHost 是一家英国注册公司,主打 OpenVZ 为基础架构,自主控制面板;数据中心包括加拿大ovh和和新西兰,硬盘是普通的hdd以及带宽是100Mbps级别,优惠码:H05RLJUU36 永久性折扣,购买以下方案享有很强幅度的优惠,以下为价格和链接:

  • 核心:1核CPU
  • 内存:512MB
  • 硬盘:30GB
  • 流量:100GB
  • 端口:100Mbps
  • 架构:OpenVZ
  • 价格:$2.25/month
  • 传送:购买链接
  • 核心:2核CPU
  • 内存:1GB
  • 硬盘:50GB
  • 流量:200GB
  • 端口:100Mbps
  • 架构:OpenVZ
  • 价格:$3.50/month
  • 传送:购买链接
  • 核心:4核CPU
  • 内存:2GB
  • 硬盘:100GB
  • 流量:400GB
  • 端口:100Mbps
  • 架构:OpenVZ
  • 价格:$6.50/month
  • 传送:购买链接

Payments are accepted using PayPal and bitcoins. All nodes have E5 CPUs and use RAID10 for their disks. They do not use SolusVM but a control panel integrated within WHMCS. I’m not sure if that means no SolusVM is being used at all, but it any case it is convenient. There’s a 5-day no questions asked refund policy in place, unless you breach their Terms of Service (which you should read before ordering)!



HD NET – Auckland, New Zealand
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a06:1280:bee1::dea:2
Test file: http://lg-nz.zappiehost.com/50MB.test
Looking glass: http://lg-nz.zappiehost.com/

OVH BHS – Montreal, Canada
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2607:5300:60:7053::fee:1
Test file: http://lg-ca.zappiehost.com/50MB.test
Looking glass: http://lg-ca.zappiehost.com/