#折扣# HostOdo - $4/mo VZ 4核 1G 50G 1T 1Gbps 洛杉矶quadranet
2015年07月15日 OpenVZ , 洛杉矶 , hostodo.com

美国vps主机商 HostOdo 是一家美国注册的公司,采用 OpenVZ 为基础架构,数据中心包括洛杉矶和迈阿密,均给予1Gbps级别的uplink带宽;提供30天退款保障服务,在leb发布了2款高配的有码方案,详细的配置和优惠码、购买链接,参考以下表格:

  • 核心:4核CPU
  • 内存:1GB+1GB vSwap
  • 硬盘:50GB
  • 流量:1TB
  • 端口:1Gbps
  • 架构:OpenVZ
  • 地址:4-IPs
  • 有码:LowEndIPs2G
  • 价格:$4/month
  • 传送:购买链接
  • 核心:4核CPU
  • 内存:2GB+2GB vSwap
  • 硬盘:75GB
  • 流量:2TB
  • 端口:1Gbps
  • 架构:OpenVZ
  • 地址:5-IPs
  • 有码:lebcloud
  • 价格:$5/month
  • 传送:购买链接

Host nodes have an Intel 2-1240v3 CPU with hard drives in RAID10 back up by an LSI 9271 RAID card with Cachevault. While they initially started with just Los Angeles as a location, they have recently expanded to Miami which makes these guys more interesting to those located in the EU.

PayPal is currently the only accepted payment method. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee in place, so if you’re not satisfied please raise a ticket. No heavy CPU usage allowed (meaning 90% or more of a CPU core for an extended period of time). Private V7Ns and proxies, and legal adult content is allowed. No bulk mail or anything else illegal in the USA.



Quadranet – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Test IPv4: LA.hostodo.com
Test IPv6: LA6.hostodo.com
Test file: http://LA.hostodo.com/100mb.test

Quadranet – Miami, FL, USA
Test IPv4: MIA.hostodo.com
Test IPv6: MIA6.hostodo.com
Test file: http://MIA.hostodo.com/100mb.test

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